Hawaii Adventure

April 18-24, 2018: Honolulu, Hawaii

Are you ready to go deep?

✓ Learn the Wim Hof Method in Paradise

✓ Climb a volcano

✓ Discover your capability

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Become a Wim Hof Master

✓ 5 days of practice

✓ One unforgettable week

✓ Be inspired by your new friends

Tired of workshops that don’t live up to the hype?
Then this is the adventure for you!

What will you do?

✓ Develop optimal breathing technique

✓ Experience cold exposure

✓ Night hike to the top of a volcano

In 5 days you will get the chance to practice and become a master in the Wim Hof Method and ready to take control of your mind & body. Breathing, ice baths, swimming, hiking, yoga, meditation, great food, and amazing friends.

What will you get out of it?

✓ Learn to live from your full capability

✓ Improve your health

✓ Increase mental strength & resilience

You will learn how to get in touch with your nervous system, your immune system and your mind. The methods can teach you how to understand how you to take control of your mind and body.

Your instructor: Chuck McGee III

✓ First American to teach the winter expedition with Wim Hof in Poland

✓ Trained and certified by Wim Hof

✓ Has taught hundreds of students to discover their capability

Chuck has been training for several years in method and has used it to keep his type-1 diabetes under control and recover from a car accident. He believes all people are equally deserving and capable of practicing the Wim Hof method and experiencing all of the benefits it has to offer. It is his goal to share the method with as many people as possible.

Event Details

✓ Honolulu, Hawaii: April x 2:oopm - April x 12:00pm

✓ All Inclusive meals & lodging: from when we pick you up to when we drop you off

✓ Accommodation at XXXX hotel, shared and single available

✓ Guided hike up Mount XXXX

We will pick you up at xxx at 2:00pm on April X. You are responsible for flights to Hawaii and any accommodation before and after the start date. Each day will be a combination of breathing, cold exposure, meditation, hiking and relaxing. If you need more information on any of the details of the retreat please get in touch with Chuck ([email protected] or 707-616-3883). If you have any health conditions please get in touch before booking.

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