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 Learn to be your body’s pilot 

 Not its passenger 

Welcome to Iced Viking Breathworks

Hi, I'm Chuck McGee III. My passion is to help people step into a state of psychological flexibility. The most accessible tool we have to reach this state is breathwork. I would love the privilege of your time & attention to show you how this is possible.


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Workshops & Retreats

Learn the techniques & skills needed to apply breathwork in your own life. Activities range from immersive half-day workshops to transformational multi-day retreats.

Corporate Training

With tailored offerings across leadership training, team building and employee health & wellness, these are not your average corporate training sessions.

Private Coaching

Work with Chuck directly, both in-perosn and online, to get the guidance, coaching & encouragement that will help you to learn and grow your breathwork practice.

Chuck McGee III behind the microphone

Breathe with Chuck


​Join Chuck on Zoom for breathwork and a Q&A every week.

All are welcome, regardless of perceived skill level.

  • Sunday: 11:00 am (Pacific Time)

  • Monday: 9:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Work with Chuck


​1:1 or small group guidance, education & encouragement to take the next step in your breathwork practice.

  • Tailored coaching to your level

  • The support you need to succeed

  • Flexibility to work with your schedule

Chuck guding a small group of people with their breathing

Why Use Breathwork?

"I breathe just fine, why should I practice breathwork?"

If you're ok with fine, honestly you don't need to start breathwork. Personally though, I want my breathing to be excellent, which is why I spend time consciously training my breathing daily.

Breathwork is the most fundamental practice you will do in any given day. However, without proper practice that foundation will be built on sand.

Who is the Iced Viking?

Meet Chuck McGee III

Type 1 Diabetic | Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor | Breathwork Instructor | ACT Practitioner | Husband | Father | Iced Viking


After feeling the massive shift breathwork brought into my life, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others discover their own personal power to help themselves.

Chuck and a group of people in the snow dressed only in their bathers
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