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Meet the Iced Viking

Chuck McGee III

Type 1 Diabetic | Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor | Breathwork Instructor | ACT Practitioner | Husband | Father | Iced Viking

My mission is to show you how to step into the pilot's seat of your life, through instantly usable techniques, that are easily accessible and always at your disposal.

Close up of Chuck in the snow smiling to the camera


As a Type 1 Diabetic and Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, I have faced many personal health challenges. For years I was searching for practical and impactful ways to improve my health. In 2017 I was reintroduced to breathwork, and after feeling the benefits as well as the massive shift this brought into my life, I switched professions and dedicated my life to helping others discover their own personal power to help themselves.

Since then I have traveled worldwide studying different breathwork modalities. My first introduction to conscious breathwork was through the Wim Hof Method, which included weeks of instruction from Wim Hof himself. I was the first American Instructor to help lead the Wim Hof winter expeditions in Poland, and I continue to expand my knowledge in this and other breathwork modalities


Now, for more than half a decade, I have been working in a healthcare setting applying foundational and functional breath coupled with specific breathwork protocols to help reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. My goal is to empower people through their own personal and individual breathwork.


"Everyone’s physiology is different, I know there is no cookie cutter approach to optimal health, however I believe that functional breathing can positively impact everyone."

Chuck guding a group of people in bathers into an icy stream in the forest

Qualifications & Clients


I work with everyone at their own pace, regardless of their age, ability, or fitness level. My clients range from those who are searching for a reduction in chronic pain, needing tools to manage anxiety and stress, as well as those who want to learn how to optimize athletic performance.

Service Offerings

Under the Iced Viking Breathworks banner, I offer highly tested and developed techniques for taking your mind and body to the next level. I work across Northern California, the entire United States, internationally & online. Learn about each offering below. 

Chuck guiding breathwork with a very large group of people
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