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Workshops and Coaching

Discover the different ways you can work with Chuck to help you, your team and your organisation reach it's potential.

Chuck teaching a small group of people who are standing in  circle

Workshops & Retreats

Learn the varied techniques and skills needed to apply breathwork into your own life, and discover how far you can take your practice.

Ranging from several hours to multi-day experiences, join me and unlock your body’s full potential.

Corporate Training

Tap into the same structure employees face everyday – individual challenges in a group environment – with an experience that cuts through the noise of the modern world.

Have employees experience their strength, clarity & potential and develop the kind of personal & leadership qualities that will inspire others using breathwork.

Group of people standing on the sandy shore of a lake with snowy mountains in the background
Chuck taking a selfie with a person in an ice bath and snowy mountains in the background

Private Coaching

Work with me directly to get the guidance, coaching and encouragement that will help you to learn and grow your breathwork practice.

From beginner to advanced, my number one goal is always to meet people where they are at, and to see how they can take that next step.

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