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Chuck has featured extensively in the media, including the best-selling book Breath by James Nestor, mentioned on the world's no. 1 ranked podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, interviewed by renowned business coach Jim Kwik, featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal and filmed for a BBC documentary. Explore Chuck's media appearances below or for an interview, Contact Chuck.

Breath book by James Nestor
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Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

Featured in Chapter 8: More, on Occasion (at the chapter 8 15:40 minute mark in the audio book, about 1/3 of the way through the chapter in the physical book).

BBC World Service - The Documentary Podcast
The episode 'Lost art of breathing' (featured at the 9:48 minute mark)

The Wall Street Journal
In the article 'An extreme method for stress management pushes for the mainstream' by Betsy Morris.


Kwik Brain Podcast with Jim Kwik
In the episode 'Reduce STRESS with these breathing techniques | Jim Kwik & Chuck McGee III'


The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
Episode #1506 - James Nestor (mentioned at the 142.22 minute mark).

Podcasts & YouTube

Ask the Dentist with Mark Burhenne, DDS - Sep 2023
Podcast Episode #97: Revitalizing Oral Health Through the Art of Breathing | Chuck McGee


Shift Network’s Breathwork Summit - Jan 2023
With Chuck McGee III and Niraj Naik


Wim Hof Wednesdays - Aug 2022
Episode 16: Chuck McGee III Cultivating the 3rd Pillar

Lotus Minded with Rayna Claire - Jun 2022
Chuck McGee III: Anger to Acceptance & Learning to Surrender through Breathwork & Cold Exposure


The Drew Pearlman Show - Jan 2022
Iced Viking Breathwork with Chuck McGee

PEAK FLOW Podcast - May 2021
Adventure #9: Meet Pacific Northwest, USA Pulmonauts Chuck McGee and Chris Wurden 


Global Classroom - Apr 2021
Deep Breath | The Global Classroom | World Breathing Day | 11th April 2021 (featured at the 51:37 minute mark)
Chuck McGee III - The Global Classroom stand alone video


Upper Left Performance Podcast - Sep 2020
Episode #36 Chuck McGee - Pillars of the Wim Hof Breathing Method, Why Improving CO2 Tolerance Matters,

Breathing for Performance by Upper Left Performance


Something for the Turbo Podcast - Sep 2020
How to BREATHE with The Iced Viking Chuck McGee III


Original Strength Bodcast Podcast - Sep 2020
BodCast Episode 40: The Three Pillars of the Wim Hof Method with Chuck McGee

BikeJames Podcast - Aug 2020
The Power of Better Breathing with Chuck McGee III


Take a Deep Breath Podcast - Aug 2020
Episode 4 - Wim Hof Changed My Life | Wim Hof Instructor | Chuck McGee III

Books & Articles

7x7 - Nov 2020
Healdsburg's NewTree Ranch is a Wellness Retreat Made for Covid-Safe Travel


Sonoma Magazine - Nov 2020
Recently Opened Healdsburg Farm Retreat Offers Luxe Getaway


Inside Hook - Oct 2020
Searching for Zen at a New-Age Farm Retreat in Wine Country
Course: 'Breathwork for a flexible mind during rigid times'


Inspire Others

Inspiring stories from people with neurological conditions - Chuck McGee III 


Divine Breath Connection
Power of Breath event with Elizabeth Keigher

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