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Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage, created by Patrick McKeown, is a series of unique breathing exercises for optimum health and sports performance. The exercises focus on two pillars: functional breathing and simulation of high altitude training, to help increase energy & focus and improve resilience.

Functional Breathing Training

  • Breathe Easy, Even During Exercise

  • Hack Your Breathing and Ease Stress

  • Open Your Airways

  • Track Your Breathing Progress

  • Sleep Better, Breathe Better, Live Better

  • Find Your Smile and Sleep Well

  • Improve Strength and Power

  • Feel Happier, Healthier and Stronger

Simulation of Altitude Training

  • Delay Lactic Acid and Muscle Fatigue

  • Become A Better Sprinter

  • Stop Gassing Out Before the Finish Line

  • Increase Oxygen Capacity

  • Enhance Performance, Safely and Legally

  • Push Past Your Personal Best

  • Boost Swimming Economy

  • Recover Quicker

Group of people in a gym lying down breathing

Using the Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage is a perfect modality for gyms and sporting organisations.


I weave the science and exercises from this modality through all of my experiences, especially the half-day ​Basic and Advanced Workshops.

Ready to reach your full potential? View the Chuck's teaching offerings below.

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