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XPT Performance Breathing

XPT Performance Breathing® was originally started through the exploration of legendary big wave surfer, pioneer, and XPT Founder, Laird Hamilton. In an effort to improve his breath hold capabilities and to stay relaxed and calm when held under giant waves, Laird began the ancient Polynesian practice of carrying heavy stones underwater. This evolved into the exploration of breath holding and breathing practices on dry-land with influence from dozens of methods and teachers.


XPT combines ancient practices with new age science to create a breathing program that can enhance performance across a wide spectrum of activities. From professional athletes, elite military units and high-powered executives, to young children and elderly alike, XPT Performance Breathing can set the foundation for massive progress in all aspects of one’s life. The methods are broken into three distinct categories, each to be applied to create a specific result.


Activate methods are intended to calm and focus the mind while bringing energy to the body to prepare for a major meeting, competition, event or to simply set the foundation for a productive day.


Perform methods can be used as a stand-alone workout to strengthen the respiratory muscles, train the focus of the mind and improve CO2 tolerance for enhanced habitual breathing. These methods can also be used during a workout to stabilize the spine and create proper movement mechanics or to boost recovery between bouts of intense exercise.


Reset methods are designed specifically to create feelings of calm relaxation and recovery in the body. These can be used to downregulate after an intense workout, to calm down during times of stress, anger or anxiety, or before bed to foster deep, restful sleep.

Two people in ice baths with snowy mountains in th background

XPT in Action

XPT is a great modality for gyms, yoga studios and wellness centres.

I weave the science and exercises from this modality through all of my experiences, especially the half-day ​Basic and Advanced Workshops.

Ready to reach your full potential? View the Chuck's teaching offerings below.

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